8th April 2018

Worcester Arena


All autographs will be available at the guest tables.

When purchasing an autograph you will be able to choose from a selection of photographs at each desk.

The cost of photographs is included in the autograph fee. If you prefer, you can bring your own item of memorabilia to be signed for the same price.

Is there a charge for autographs?

Yes – Autographs usually start at £10 though prices will vary according to the guest. All prices will be displayed on this page, on the relevant page for the guest and at their table on the day of the convention. If you take advantage of having a professional photoshoot with one of the guests, they will sign it at their table for the same price as a regular autograph – they won’t sign it for free.

Will the guests sign my memorabilia?

Yes – Guests will sign various items within reason. If you bring your pet or your car they won’t sign that! Lets stick with DVDs, photos and regular paraphernalia for now!


All autographs are charged per signature.
Additional script or comments may be an additional cost, this is at the signers discretion.

2018 Autograph Price List*

John Rhys-Davies Lord of the Rings £30.00
Corin Nemec Stargate SG-1, Supernatural £20.00
Jeremy Bulloch Star Wars £20.00
Rainbow Sun Francks Stargate Atlantis £15.00
Rupert Young Merlin £15.00
Ian Gelder Game of Thrones £15.00
Norman Lovett Red Dwarf £15.00
Robert Llewellyn Red Dwarf £15.00
Mark Dexter Red Dwarf £15.00
Katy Manning Doctor Who £15.00
Josef Altin Game of Thrones £15.00
Marc Silk Johnny Bravo, Scooby-Doo, Star Wars £15.00
*All prices are subject to change and should be seen only as a guide.