14th Sept 2019

Worcester Arena


Is there any tickets left for this event, and will they get to me in time? – Yes, tickets are still available online, if ordered soon they should reach you in time, but it wouldn’t matter if they didn’t, we get all orders sent to us so we have a list of what you’ve ordered, just come to the entry table and the crew will be able to find your order.

Can I just rock up and get a ticket on the door? – Yes, but there is a capacity on the building so we can’t guarantee a quick entry.

Can I get a photoshoot on the day – Yes, the photo desk will be outside the studio ready to help.

Can we get selfies at the guests desk? – Yes, but some guests will charge.

Can I pre-purchase autographs or get them sent to me? – No, Autographs are only available at the desk of each guest.

Will there be a Q&A panel for [insert guest]? – Q&A panels are listed here http://worcester.em-con.co.uk/qa-panels/

Is there anywhere to get changed or to store my things? – Yes, there will be 2 public changing rooms available, but space is limited so you might have to wait your turn, there are lockers on site, these are free but you need to register details when getting a key from the main reception.

What time are the photoshoots? – These have been posted to the website http://worcester.em-con.co.uk/photoshoots/

Will there be anywhere to purchase food on site? – Yes there is a full cafe on the first floor selling hot and cold food and drinks.

Is it possible to leave the venue and re-enter? – Absolutely, but the venue will not allow food in from outside catering, for example McDonalds, KFC etc.

Is there parking on site? what about disabled parking too? – Yes, there is both, although both are on a first come first served basis. outside of the venue there are 2 very large car parks across the river. cost £3-3.50 all day.

I have emailed you, but the information I’ve asked you for is clearly on the website, why haven’t you replied? – because the information is on the website.